Transferring Ownership

After you have completed all payments to be made on the particular property, we will email you payment instructions and a form to provide us with vesting information. Vesting information is used to record how you would like to take title of the property. You will need to include the full names (no initials) of the individuals to be recorded on the deed, full address, marital status, title and tenancy for the property.

Once we receive payment in full, and you have submitted your completed vesting form, we immediately begin processing the paperwork for transfer of ownership. It usually takes approximately 14 to 21 days to prepare and complete all of the paperwork.

We will then ship your documents to you via FedEx. The package sent will contain the property deed and instructions on how to record your property.  The property is not officially yours until you have actually recorded it within the county that the property is located in. This you must do yourself, we cannot do this for you. This information must be submitted by the new owner (you).

Once this last step is complete, the property is yours. Please remember that as a new property owner, you will need to assume the next year’s property taxes. All properties sold have all taxes paid to date, but you will need to pay the next years when they are due. This information can be obtained from the county recorders office.

As always, you may contact our office with any questions you may have at;
(661) 823-1543

Land Information

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