About Us

USALandAuctions.com was founded as a general resource to buying government land throughout the world. Most people don't realize that there are hundreds of thousands of properties that are available through various government agencies. Some examples of properties and where they come from are cities, counties, states, bankruptcies, IRS, liens, estates, trusts, and more.

USALandAuction.com, is a private company, the largest company of its kind to acquire literally thousands of properties. In most cases we acquire these properties at 10% - 30% of actual retail value. Once acquired these properties are liquidated through our website. This enables potential buyers throughout the world to invest in many of these properties. Our investors are made up of mostly just your every day type working people that have a little money set aside to invest in real estate at a savings. We also cater to large corprate investors.

When USALandAuction.com sells you property there are many benefits to you, the investor.

Benefits to Buying Land from USALandAuctions:

  • - We guarantee free and clear title to every property.
        • - USALandAuctions offers No Qualifying - No Credit Check - Financing on many properties with a very low down payment and monthly payment
  • - Loans are fully Assumable.
  • - USALandAuctionsprepares all your paperwork to insure an easy, pleasurable and proper transaction.
    - Our total fee is the same for every transaction, only $199 per property. Most companies would charge from $500 - $1,500 for this same service.
  • - Our staff is some of the mostly highly trained professionals in the land business.
  • - Properties that we offer are normally at a 30% - 60% savings to you. What this means is you are making a good investment right off, buying land at the right price.
  • -You are buying from the most reputable land company in the world with years of experience.

Land Information

  • Property Sale Types
    A little confused about the difference
    between Bid & Assume and Straight
    Sale properties?

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  • Due Diligence
    You may have additional questions
    about the property you are interested
    in and can research your property by
    contacting official agencies directly.

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